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Medium Term Plan - Fairy Tales and Other Stories

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EYP Medium Term Plan - Fairy Tales and Other Stories (updated Sept.2014)

REDUCED from £3.00 to £1.00. Medium term plan for 'Fairy Tales and Other Stories' giving wide variety of fun, play based activities for children aged 2-5 years - all linked to learning opportunities in the E.Y.F.S. curriculum .Includes five adult led activity sheets. Available as a Word document for easy personalisation. Scroll down for further information.

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Each of our medium term plans include five adult-led  activity planning sheets.  

Each focused activity has two sections, one giving a clear guide to practitioners and one giving specific learning intentions. These can be laminated back to back to refer to during the activity.

Our medium term plans last for around six weeks although as with most things to do with children, this is flexible. If children wish to develop their ideas either in ways we had anticipated or on a tangent we had not considered, medium term plans are used flexibly to ensure that time, materials and where appropriate, staff support are provided.

By using a medium term ‘topic’ we are ensuring that children are introduced to new ideas, knowledge and skills in appropriate ways, sometimes focusing on their innate curiosity in the world around them. This may take the form of topics on the weather, growing, mini-beasts etc. Sometimes we bring in popular culture such as when developing a topic on ‘Houses and Homes’ we will bring in ‘Bob the Builder’ a popular cartoon which most children have watched at home. This ensures that we are starting from a point where our children are comfortable and have some current knowledge. The medium term plan is a working document.which can be altered as we move through the project and make observations. Individual learning does not always mean individual teaching, by keeping an open mind and focusing on process rather than product, we can plan broadly at the medium term and differentiate for individuals at short term planning stage.

Medium term plans also include clear rationales for planning in this way and explaining how individual needs are met through this method of planning.

2012 version of Adult -led Activity Sheets for Fairy Tales Plan

2012 version of five adult-led activity sheets linked to the topic. Each consisting of guidance for the practitioner and specific learning intentionstaken from the 2012 E.Y.F.S. curriculum. Can be laminated back to back and referred to throughout the activity

2012 version of medium term plan for 'Fairy Tales and Other Stories'

2012 version of medium term plan giving bank of appropriate play-based activities clearly linked to potential learning in the 2012 E.Y.F.S. curriculum. Also gives rationale behind this method of planning and shows how individual children's needs are met

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